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Peacock Vase Aprilli

Peacock vase is a 3D printed flower vase designed to host dynamic, spatial and artistic floral arrangements. Consisting of twenty one individual stems organically interconnecting with each other, the flower vase mimics a radially spread peacock display to form a beautiful screen with unique patterns and a central focal point. Each stem holds a singular glass tube which can be easily removed and replaced for maintenance without having to move the whole vase from its original position.

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PowerView™ Motorization Pebble™ Control Hunter Douglas

For its new wireless motorization system, Hunter Douglas sought to reinvent the remote control into a high-quality device with significantly elevated aesthetics and operation compared to industry standards. They turned to Bould Design, creator of the Nest Thermostat and other award-winning designs. The result is a sleek and ergonomic Pebble Control available in seven on-trend colors that comfortably sits alongside other decorative coffee-table item when not in use. 4" L, 2¾" W, ¾" H.

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Rock Pond Phillips Collection

A mirror that deserves a second look. Organic, glamorous, and unexpected; the dramatic scale and style of the Rock Pond Mirror allow it to be the focal point of any room. Hand crafted from artisan-grade resin and finished in hand-applied gold leaf, this mirror demands attention! Available in two styles.

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Pave Mirror Magni Home Collection

The "Pave" mirror, hand-crafted in Southern California, is framed in polished stainless steel. This mirror features a multitude of hand-mitered and silvered Starphire glass baguettes in varying thicknesses, from 1/8" thick up to 1" thick accentuating the prism effect of the glass.

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Mackenrow Jory Brigham Design

"Whiff-waff" has come a long way from its humble beginning. Starting as a game soldiers would play to kill time, using books to mark the net and a golf ball to volley. The designer wanted to create a modern version of the classic table while staying true to his philosophy. Forged from walnut, the Mackenrow is accented with a strip of bright orange along the sides. Featuring a tasteful brass inlay and a classic Danish-weave net, the Mackenrow stand-out in any game room.

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Scoop and Scoopy Deknudt Mirrors

Scoop and Scoopy embody both art and equipment. The shell shaped mirror features bright colors and sloping lines. Amorphous and minimalist, organic and human, they cradle the reflection and contribute to the atmosphere and the experience in the room. The two cushy geometric shapes can incorporate a light source that accentuates the smooth finish and slanting lines of the shell. Wonderful wall compositions can be created by combining different shapes and colors.

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Incanter Sempli Design

Created with the signature spinning bottom, Sempli has created a new way to infuse your favorite spirits. Simply cut up your favorite flavors and place them into the infuser tube, pour in your spirit of choice, and spin away! The flavors fuse together creating a unique experience with each use.

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Footed Dowry Box for Porro Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

The Footed Dowry Box is a jewelry box inspired by the dowry chest which used to accompany a Chinese bride into her newly wedded home. A dowry box traditionally included two pairs of wooden clogs. The design takes the form of the traditional bound-feet clogs, and superimposed them on the box, as if the box is footed like the clogs. A jewelry box, although is a superfluous container for unnecessary objects of vanity, takes on a new identity in reminding us of that meaningful past.

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The RockStar Collection Abby Modell Contemporary Art Glass

The RockStar Collection is inspired by celestial formations of the galaxy.
RockStar Fractured Glass Bowls: Hand blown glass vessels filled with fractured hand blown glass and Swarovski crystals
Large clear: 18"D x 2.5"H, Medium amber: 12"D x 6.5"H

RockStar Mirror Bowls: Hand blown glass, mirrored and sandblasted
Large ombre: 18.5"D x 6"H, Medium: 13"D x 6"H

RockStar Tall Vessels: Hand blown glass, iridescent, sandblasted with Swarovski crystals
21"H x 10.5"D, 24"H x 10.5"D

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Ruutu Iittala

The fluidity and vibrant feel of mouth-blown glass create the delicate character for the Ruutu vases. When combined, they make small seamless installations where both the strength and the delicate nature of the glass come alive. Ruutu might be simple in shape but takes the most skilled craftsmen in the glass factory to produce. Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, each vase has the designers' name engraved on the base. The series includes 10 vases available in five sizes and seven colors.

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Wawama Porcelain Britto Charette

Inspired by the Quechua words for baby and mama, this handcrafted porcelain objet d'art depicts two baby birds being carried aloft by their charming mama. Available in both gold and platinum finishes. Purchased as a set.

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Projectable Magnetic Glass Dry-Erase Boards Bendheim

Bendheim's award-winning magnetic glass marker boards are in a class of their own, combining the finest glass surfaces and the strongest magnetic action in the industry. The newly available fine matte surface option renders crisp projection images, while maintaining the glass boards' durability and ease of use. Dry-erase and permanent markers alike can be cleaned up without ghosting or permanent staining, while powerful magnets allow a variety of items to be elegantly "pinned." Made in USA.

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Haiku 84 Bamboo in oil-rubbed bronze Big Ass Fans

The Haiku®84 Cocoa Bamboo ceiling fan in oil-rubbed bronze combines meticulous engineering with a seductive aesthetic and silent operation. Its sustainable Moso bamboo airfoils utilize a design inspired by airplane wings to create gentle, large-scale airflow, keeping users comfortable with unmatched efficiency. The limited edition oil-rubbed bronze finish can add a bold flourish to larger design schemes or serve as the visual anchor in spaces as varied as great rooms, restaurants or auditoriums.